Map of Atovian province locations

The Kingdom of Atovia is a micronation located in North America and Europe. The kingdom is made up of three provinces, Theolonia, Götemalmholm, and Verraland-Sylvana. A map showing the locations of the provinces can be found to the left.

The form of government used in the kingdom is a semi-presidential elective monarchy where the monarch (a King or Queen) holds many executive powers and shares the title of Head of State with a Chancellor. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government, and usually the leader of the largest party in Parliament.

What is a Micronation?

A micronation is typically defined as “An entity that claims to be an independent nation or state but is not officially recognized by world governments or major international organizations.” This definition, however, is inaccurate. There are actually two main types of micronation, which are also split into many subcategories. The two main types are as follows:

  • Secessionist Micronations may claim more than the private property of their citizens and claim territory that is internationally recognized to be incorporated into the territory of sovereign states. These nations often vary in their seriousness and in how close they are to actual secession. This type of micronation are also known as new-country projects. Atovia falls into this category, hoping to secede sometime in the future.
  • Simulationist Micronations either don’t have land claims, are simulations to try out government systems, or are created for humor or entertainment. 

The Kingdom of Atovia is a secessionist nation with plans to secede and be run as an independent nation.