Officially created by the Monarch, Atovian honors are presented to individuals in order to celebrate and thank them for their contributions to our country.  The granting of decorations and medals or an investiture into an order are also means of inspiring others to help build a better country.

Atovian honors are merit-based, apolitical, and accessible. Any person or group can shine a spotlight on the extraordinary people they know by nominating them!

Order of Atovia

Grand Cross 1st Class of the Order of Atovia

The Order of Atovia is how our country honors people who make extraordinary contributions to the nation.

The Order is split into five grades:

  • Grand Cross 1st Class (AGCI)
  • Grand Cross 2nd Class (AGCII)
  • Commander (AC)
  • Officer (AO)
  • Member (AM)

Do you know someone who’s going above and beyond for Atovia? A role model whose achievements stand above the rest? Anyone from any of the following groups may be nominated:

  • Any Atovian citizen
  • Non-Atovians who have made an extraordinary contribution to Atovian life
  • An existing member of the Order to be promoted to a higher level within the Order
  • A candidate who has previously been considered for but not appointed to the Order of Atovia

To nominate someone to the Order of Atovia, please fill out the nomination form.