Vice President of Theolonia Elected, Presidential Election Inconclusive

On 22 August, the Herzog of Theolonia Connor I called for the election of a new President and Vice President of Theolonia. But there was no public ballot, so what’s the deal? It all comes down to the unique way in which the government of Theolonia operates. According to the Constitution, the Executive Council shares executive power with the Herzog. In the last executive elections, the citizens elected three members to the council. The council then elects the President and Vice President from its elected membership. These elected members then serve a term of one year. So the members of the council haven’t changed, only their roles within the government.

Following the term of President Nicholas Graf von Kaos, an election for President and an election for Vice President were held. The presidential election was held between the two eligible members: Chase Graf von Mahoning and Thomas Markgraf von Bainbridge. The vice presidential election was held between all eligible members, including von Kaos.

The first round of voting led to the election of von Kaos as Vice President. The voting for President was inconclusive, with a tied result. Thus, the election will be repeated until a definitive winner is decided. Once the election is decided, a public announcement will be made.

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