2022 Election Results: CPP in, NDP out

Following the parliamentary election held from 24-28 April 2022, the results were released to the public and they were unexpected to say the least.

The newly-created Conservative People’s Party (CPP) took home 46.2% of first-preference votes and two seats in the House of Commons, giving them an outright majority in parliament. Tobey Wyles, the leader of the party, won his first electoral victory in an Atovian election and veteran MP Andrew von Irons took the second seat.

The Left-Green Movement (LGM), which has been the coalition partner of choice for New Democratic governments, took 30.8% of first-preference votes and the third and final seat in parliament. Chancellor Nicholas von Kaos won the seat over the leader of the LGM, Newton von Uberquie.

Finally, the New Democratic Party (NDP), the old guard of Atovian political parties, won a comparatively small 23.1% of first-preference votes and were allocated no seats in parliament. This result is a 16.9 percent drop from their result in the last election. This also means an end to the Bainbridge governments, which have served for 2 years and 297 days since 14 July 2019.

This was widely considered to be an upset by the citizens who watched the live announcement of the results following the end of voting. There were several viewers watching the announcement, and they then took the opportunity to comment on the results and what they will mean for Atovia in the future.

Formateur Tobey Wyles will now have to form a government and select ministers to serve in his cabinet. As of the publishing of this article, this process is still underway. The first list was sent to the chancellor on 7 May and is awaiting approval or revision.

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