Treaty of the Northern Seas Referendum Underway

On 16-20 Fünat 07 (11-15 October 2023), the Kingdom will vote on whether to accede to the Treaty of the Northern Seas. A majority of citizens and provinces will be required for this vote to pass.

The treaty was proposed to His Majesty's Government by Thomas von Bainbridge of the North Sea Empire on 11 Vienat 07. It was then supported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and proposed to the House of Commons. The House passed resolution 6PR1 on 34 Vienat 07.

The Treaty of the Northern Seas will allow the Kingdom of Atovia to join the Chausalantique Community and form closer relations with its members. The leading member of the community, the North Sea Empire, has had close relations with Atovia for many years.

The referendum will conclude on 20 Fünat 07 (15 October 2023), after which the Minister of Internal Affairs will publish the official report.